In light of the new measures implemented by the Singapore government to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Event venues in Singapore will be temporarily unavailable from 7 April until 01 June 2020. However, you will still be able to inquire for events beyond this period.


About US

What are we?

Venuexplorer is a online venue-renting company whereby venue owners can list an function space, yacht, warehouse or any other kind of unused space to people might like to party or use in. While Corporate & individual get FREE venue search, compare and instant booking services for their events through our incredibly user-friendly and fast interface which will allow them to search for and identify the venue they are looking for and book it at their desired time, with their desired specifications.

Other than Venue Marketplace, We are also a online corporate events platform within the website offering unique experiences that are easy to book and drive bottom-line results for companies around Singapore. Simply put, we help grow businesses by giving them an unfair amount of face time with their customers, partners and teams.

Venuexplorer’s parent organization is & that provides online hotel reservations services in the global hotel marketplace, and is a trusted resource for group event planners and hotel partners.

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