Of course, it's time to flaunt your sparkling diamond ring and celebrating the promotion of your relationship's status. However, a practical reason to thrown an engagement party is the opportunity for the friends and family of a groom to meet their counterparts from the bride's side. Choose an engagement party venue where you can add decorations as per your taste. It can make the decorations look informal while appearing fun and meaningful. Remember that your venue's backdrop should serve as a landscape for clicking photos and portrait images. You can create family trees that include a picture of family members and relatives of the bride and groom's side. This photo can be stuck together where its middle part should represent a picture of the two of you. Especially if you have a small family or only a few relatives, you can incorporate their images on these trees to serve the purpose very well. We have some of the most innovative and stunning venue options for you at above.

To add more fun to the get-together, you can arrange for a sporting event inside your wedding venue. Being on the same side of the sports team can form bonds quicker than you can imagine! So, if you are willing to organize your engagement party outdoors, you can come up with some outdoor games to keep your visitors entertained. Be it from a game of croquet, silly race to a game of basketball, volleyball to musical chairs, it's going to add charm to your engagement venue! However, you must mix the players in the teams to ensure that the groom's team isn't competing against the bride's. Playing in teams can improve the relationship between the bride's and groom's families. 

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