Malay Wedding

To understand the themes and structure of the Malay Wedding Venue, let's take a look at a short yet interesting anecdote. A Malay couple decided to tie the note and become one after a romantic wedding proposal, where the guy offered a diamond ring to his girl hidden among flowers. The couple wanted to conduct a traditional Malay wedding ceremony in a venue that offered greenery. The couple decided to commemorate their wedding celebration by conducting their nuptials in an open outdoor space. So, they decided to locate their entire team to a venue that was close to nature, open skies, green trees, chirping birds, wildflowers, and everything nature has to offer! 

Their "green and full-of-nature" greenery wedding theme didn't encompass the color and greenery, ambient venue environment, and nature. Zainal's song 'Hijau' boomed out of the speakers to align with the theme to fit the theme. So, a perfect Malay venue is not just confined to luxuries or decorations but includes something that honors "Malaysian tradition and heritage." If you're looking for a similar venue to add some Malay flavors into the backdrop, you can go for resorts nestled within the tropical and lush hills. To add a cherry on top, a venue that features a Malay house underneath its grounds is ideal. During these three-day wedding ceremonies, don't forget to introduce dresses and jewelry to match the venue's theme. How about planning your nikah under cover of aromatic flowers or green forests? For a change, you can host the dinner reception within the venue's four walls that offer soothing music and one large table to encourage conversations under dim lightings. We bring you an elaborative list of some of the best Malay wedding venues in Singapore.