St. Topes/ St. Tropez


St. Topes, the venue for the Ratchaphruek wedding ceremony is newly opened. Ready to serve. St. Topes, a city bathed in golden light. "Sangthong shines to lead a glorious life" guarantees that every job will be perfect with the experience that we have taken care of, counting 1,000 pairs, ready to answer every question Service every need to the utmost There is an engagement ceremony room separated from the banquet room. no additional cost banquet room Spacious, high ceiling, airy, can accommodate up to 500 people, Chinese table style, cocktails up to 800 people. There is a party room. separated from the banquet hall So that friends and newlyweds can have fun together. The atmosphere is like being in an entertainment place. Reduce the respect for the adults in the banquet room still haven't been able to go back enough. The place is on the main road. Ratchapruek, easy to travel, easy to find