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Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum spend for virtual events?

Yes, for events without catering the minimum spend is $500. For events with catering, our partners do request a minimum order of $1,000 to cover the logistical costs of preparation, storage, packaging, and delivery.

How long does it take to plan a virtual event?

In order to allow sufficient time for any food hampers to be confirmed, prepared and delivered to attendees, we would suggest a minimum lead time of 3 weeks, particularly at peak times such as Christmas or Chinese new year.

What does virtual event management include?

Our Event Managers have lots of experience planning and delivering virtual events - from conception to logistical arrangements. They will plan the event, create invitations, cross check the data entry, coordinate all suppliers and logistics, as well as assist with any technical challenges.

I would like to arrange catering but my team/budget is too small

Are there other teams within your company that you can pair up with? Breakout rooms can be used to separate you out at the event. Events do not necessarily need catering to be great - there are escape rooms, live murder mysteries, variety shows and musicians to wow the group!

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